{diy link love} decorative paint chip balls

I'm so excited about this little paint chip craft that I discovered on the blog A Little Something In The Meantime. I have been discovering so many fun little paint chip crafts around the web and Pinterest and just had to do this one. So last night I got my supplies together and created these colorful, decorative paint chip balls. Below are pictures of the actual decorative paint chip balls I created last night!

I'm displaying these colorful paint chip balls in a big clear bowl I got from IKEA for $2.99.  I think they are a fun little decor for Spring—bright and cheerful.

The tutorial on creating this fun diy craft project is located at this link: My Favourite Way To Use Paint Chips

Enjoy creating and have a wonderful day. Cheers!


Bee Boo said...

These are gorgeous! Such a great post!

Victoria said...

You did a great job with those! I can't seem to pass a paint aisle at any store without grabbing a few paint chips. I'll have to try this or something like it someday. :)

The Spotted Olive said...

Thanks, Brenda! They turned out cute and were so easy to make. :)

The Spotted Olive said...

Thanks Victoria! I know, I always grab a bunch of paint chips too. LOL! I'm glad I finally did something with the pile of them I had. :) You could also use them as ornaments for the holidays. :)

Claire @ a little something in the meantime . . . said...


These look fantastic! I'm so glad my tutorial inspired someone to create these little lovelies :)

Have you seen my post on paint chip eggs? Another great way to use those paint chips up!

Claire @ alittlesomethinginthemeantime.blogspot.com

The Spotted Olive said...

Hi Claire,

Thanks so much for the inspiration. It was a fun little project and I was so happy that I came across it on your blog. I have seen your post on the paint chip eggs and even downloaded the template! I'm hoping to have time to get to that one too. I also pinned both of your posts (the decorative paint chip balls and paint chip eggs) on Pinterest for others to discover. Such great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them.


The Spotted Olive