april is national card & letter writing month!

Hello lovelies! Did you know that April is National Card & Letter Writing Month? Really! Who knew? Getting a handwritten note in the mail is always a nice and appreciated surprise. I love it. It always makes me so happy when I receive an unexpected note or card in the mail from a friend or a loved one.

Cards shown from Elaine Biss of Fashionable Stationery, Artistically Invited & The Spotted Olive™.

And what I love even more is spreading that cheer to others so I'm planning to send out a few surprise handwritten cards & note to friends and family this month just to let them know I'm thinking about them.

Sending this one to my most favorite Aunt because she always cheers me up when I talk to her.
I'll be sending these note cards out to various friends and family who have been thoughtful.

Sending this card to a long time good friend with a gift card so she can treat herself!

Sending these to random friends and family just to say "hello!"

Working on the computer so much makes me miss handwriting. I really want to get back to more handwritten notes and possibly learning how to do calligraphy. I came across this video and I love the idea of "modern" calligraphy!

Why not send a love letter, a card of appreciation or a nice note to someone out of the blue to help bring back the art of the handwritten note and at the same time make someone smile?  Cheers & Happy National Card & Letter Writing Month!

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