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Hello there! I hope you are having a lovely Thursday. Today I saw the PSA below for #26Acts of Kindness and read about Ann Curry's tweet asking people to commit to performing 26 acts of kindness to honor the children and teachers lost in the Newtown, CT school tragedy. I'm in love with the idea of healing from this atrocious act & honoring those lost by spreading love and kindness to one another. And just maybe we will all be filled with such joy by spreading kindness, love and goodwill that we will continue to do so each and every day. It doesn't always have to be something big, sometimes it's those little acts that are just as meaningful. A smile, a wave, a hug... just make an effort to spread a little cheer. This is such a beautiful and inspiring movement, I'm definitely in. 

Today I was so inspired by this movement that I wanted to create something to help spread kindness so I designed these cute little cards to leave in random places for people to find. Download the file, cut out the cards and then take them with you and leave them in random places like with the tip when you pay for a meal, at the grocery store, attach to a vending machine, leave in a restroom, in a waiting room, on a park bench, etc! Just maybe you'll make someone's day or lift someone's spirits.

Let's heal the world with kindness.


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