{color trends} the 2013 pantone fashion color report is here!

Hello there and happy Thursday! I'm super excited to see the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2013 has been released. I downloaded a copy last night and really love some of the colors! I especially like the creative names like tender shoots, lemon zest, monaco blue and red poppy.

I really enjoyed reading about how the designers incorporated these colors into their collections. I know Spring is a long ways off, but it's fun to see the upcoming color trends and get inspiration for next year's designs. Thanks for stopping by!


Kakers said...

hmm... I like those colors!

The Spotted Olive said...

Me too! They're pretty snappy & fresh. :)

Katie said...

Hi - I cam across your blog while doing an image search for "Pantone's 2013 colors." Lovin' all your stuff, especially that free 2013 printable calendar :)

Newest Follower,

The Spotted Olive said...

Thanks Katie! Welcome!! :)


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