{holiday} new year's day fondue party 2012

Happy New Year! Hope the first day of 2012 was good to you. We had our traditional New Year's Day Fondue Party today. It was a great time full of fun, good company and delicious food. It's always a nice way to start off the new year.

The menu consisted of Neuchatel cheese fondue with bread and honey crisp apples for dipping, broasted potatoes and green beans plus Toblerone chocolate fondue with french vanilla snowman marshmallows, fresh pineapple, banana and mini angel food cakes for dipping. It was so good and I am so full!

{top photo: neuchatel cheese fondue; left photo: my father-in-law toasting to the new year; right top photo: dipping pineapple into the Toblerone chocolate fondue; right bottom photo: fresh pineapple; bottom left photo: Toblerone chocolate fondue with french vanilla snowman marshmallows; bottom right photo: mini angel food cake}

Wishing you the most wonderful new year. XOXO

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