{holiday} first christmas card of the season!

I LOVE getting mail and today I received my first Christmas card of the season!  It was from the wonderfully sweet and talented Amy Sagan of Starzraven! The super cute note card size greeting is one of Amy's very own designs and included a very thoughtful and kind note with some tasty chocolate and vanilla teas. I also love tea. :) Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity, Amy. Your note and gift means so much to me and is so very appreciated.

Amy has a lot of really great stuff in her shop, Starzraven, from super cute invitations and greeting cards to fun personalized gifts like melamine plates, iphone, ipad & ipod cases and so much more.

Stop by and pay her a visit today:
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Amy Sagan / Starzraven said...

So happy you liked it! Thanks for being a great friend! :)

The Spotted Olive said...

You are so welcome and thank you!! :)


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