{life} a beautiful fall morning walk

I've been trying to go on more walks outside of the yard with my dog, Zoe. We both need the additional exercise. My other two dogs, Annie & Jags, both get a very good workout as they are crazy for playing fetch. Zoe, not so much. Her attention span is so short and she really doesn't like to do what the other dogs do. She's always got to do something a little different and special. She's my little rebel.

So while my husband plays with Annie & Jags, I'm trying to walk the neighborhood with Zoe. It's a tough, but beautiful walk. Living in the mountains there aren't many flat areas and my neighborhood is no exception. Oh and I forgot to mention the lack of oxygen at this altitude! But, it's a great workout and I'm trying to stick to it for both our sakes. Being Fall in the mountains means the leaves are turning and it's absolutely beautiful! I took these pictures on our walk this morning. The colors of the changing leaves are so vibrant and inspiring.


Brenda Boo said...

Your photos are inspiring! :D Love all of them.

The Spotted Olive said...

Thanks so much! It's amazing how well these turned out considering they were taken on my iphone! :)


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