{font love} diesel

While I have an affinity for beautiful and elegant typefaces, I also adore rough and grungy type. Today's font spotlight is on Diesel—a down and dirty grungy typeface that manages to maintain readablity. I personally find a great beauty in the worn and weathered look and Diesel is no exception with it's elegant distress.

This quote by Kurt Cobain is one of my all time favorite quotes—it's such an insightful statement.

You can find Diesel available all over the web, but it was created by Edward Recife of misprinted type—a master of creating beauty in distress. As always, please be sure to read the terms of use when purchasing or downloading any font from the web.


Emmy said...

That's a great font with lots of possibilities too :) I can see myself filling the letters in with a color to match what I am working on and then cutting them out for something :)

The Spotted Olive said...

Hi Emmy! Thanks for your comment. I was actually considering filling in the letters with a color but then decided to leave them as is. I think this font has a lot of possibilities too. :)


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