{font love} rosewood

I love the font Rosewood because of it's ornate, vintage feel. I think it's a fun headline font and just great for random, limited text.

When I was looking information on this font, I learned some interesting things about this typeface from the MyFonts.com description. Rosewood is based on William Page's chromatic type design from 1874; hence the vintage look. Chromatic typefaces were created to give a multicolored effect to text and were often used in advertising. The multicolored effect was created by overprinting two or more versions of each letter in different colors. There are two versions in the Rosewood type family, Regular and Fill. The Regular version is designed to overlay the Fill version in a two-color printing process.

In the text example, I overlayed the brown Regular version of Rosewood on top of the pink Fill version. You can purchase Rosewood Regular and Fill at Myfonts.com.

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