{font love} freebooter script

I have had a love of typography since I can remember. Fonts play such a major role in good design and can make or break a layout. Knowing the rules of typography is the key to understanding how to break the rules of typography efficiently! Since I have a *slight* obsession with fonts and typography I thought it might be fun to do a weekly feature on fonts. Sometimes I'll feature a typeface and other times I'll talk about aspects of typogrpahy.

Freebooter Script is this week's featured font. This beautiful script typeface by Graham Meade makes a lovely choice for invitations and announcements or even a type-based design. What makes this font so distinctive is the over-extended ascenders and descenders. They flow beautifully into one another but somehow still allow this typeface to be legible. I really like this font a lot and although it is a script typeface, I think it is quite versatile.

You can download a copy of Freebooter Script from dafont.com. As with any font, please be sure to read the license for any restricted uses. Often times fonts are restricted to personal use only meaning you can not use them in any commercial projects. Enjoy!

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