The Spotted Olive™ Wins The indiExhibit Logo Design Contest!

The indiExhibit recently sponsored a logo design contest for a new graphic to go with the wonderful wordmark created by Deborah Mazarakes. The prize was a one day display package at The American Music Awards celebrity gift lounge. We entered the contest with two submissions and are pleased to announce that one of our submissions was the winning design!


The indiExhibit is a group of artists helping artists promote their work through participation in celebrity gift lounges at some of Hollywood's hottest events. The previous logo graphic was a QR code and many in the group were concerned about losing the recognition they had established with the brand identity. Our goal was to create something fresh and modern while not completely veering away from the established brand. The winning design is a bar code—a contemporary representation of goods for sale. To tie into the celebrity gifting theme, we made one of the lines bold and red to represent the "red carpet." The lines of the bar code have an abstract, modern art feel and tie into the wordmark nicely. A big thank you to Shannon Rene' Justice of Lollipop Labs Studios, the founder & CEO of The indiExhibit, for choosing our design. We are honored to to have our work represent this group!

Currently The indiExhibit is raising funds on Indie GoGo to send the work of members of the group to the Kids' Choice Awards Gift Lounge. Visit The indiExhibit on IndieGoGo to learn more about how you can help with this cause. Pledges start at $5 and come with some wonderful perks provided by members of the group based on your contribution level. If you can't help financially, please spread the word. :)

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Brenda Boo said...

I love it Debbie! Great job! :D


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