Ice Driving Class Weekend!

It was a fun weekend for us! On Friday afternoon we took a road trip to Georgetown, Colorado, a quaint little Victorian Town, to attend the Audi Ice Driving Class on Saturday morning. We stayed in a little place called Chateau Chamonix. It's a charming little hotel right in Georgetown at the foot of the mountains. Our room was lovely with a nice and comfy kingsize bed, fireplace, seating area, balcony, coffee maker, mini fridge and continental breakfast of croissants, fruit and orange juice delivered each morning right to our room!

On Saturday morning we headed out bright and early (a big deal for us!) to the ice driving class. The class is held on Georgetown Lake. Yep, that's right, we were driving on a big frozen lake! Ice driving class teaches you how to control your vehicle when you run into snowy and icy road conditions as well as any other condition that could make you loose control of your car. It was cold and the snow was blowing, but that just added to making the conditions more true to life!

The great thing about ice driving class on a frozen lake is that you get to experience losing control of your auto without being in danger and then you learn how to control it when unexpected things happen. It was a lot of fun (and a little scary at times) getting to drive and spin on the ice in the car, but it was also very educational. If you live in a climate that is prone to snow and ice, I highly recommend taking an ice driving class. The information and experience you gain from it is invaluable. We met some really nice people, learned a lot and had a great time too! And as an added bonus we saw a guy who looked just like Iggy Pop at the Czechoslavokian restaurant we went to on Saturday night! It was really hard not to stare at him because the resemblance was amazing.

I was even inspired by many of my surroundings and experiences and have a bunch of new design ideas in my head. Sometimes it's good to get away and unplug.


Stacy said...

Wow, that sounds both exciting and frightening all at once! How cool that you got to do that! Thank you for sharing this story. :)

The Spotted Olive said...

It was exactly that exciting and frightening! But great experience and gained a lot of knowledge too. :)

Brenda Boo said...

So fun! That is exactly what we do here in Norway before people are aloud to get their license. Did you have a huge cut out of a moose flying at your car also?? ha ha

The Spotted Olive said...

LOL! I was telling your story to the instructors about what you had to do in Norway to get your license!!! :) They loved it!


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