Christmas Day 2010

Yesterday was a lovely Christmas day full of sunshine, fun and family. We usually have lots of snow on the ground for Christmas but this year the sun was shining bright and it was actually quite warm—–we even had the door open for most of the day!

Here's hoping that your Christmas was a beautiful day filled with love and happiness as ours was. Wow! 2011 is almost here! Cheers!

Top Left: Our Chritmas Tree; Middle Left: Holiday chocolate & agave nectar cupackes with custom wrappers and flags that I designed & created to coordinate with our 2010 holiday cards (my Father-In-Law loved the whole presentation as well as the cupcakes!); Bottom Left: My Mother-In-Law playing with the iPad, our dog Jags looking at the Christmas tree and my Father-In-Law; Top Right: Annie anticipating opening one of her "prezzies"; Second Image on Right: Annie opening one of her gifts; Third Image on Right: Annie playing with her stuffed Christmas tree gift; Fourth Image on Right: Zoe after surgically removing the squeaker from one of the new Christmas toys; Bottom Image on Right: My hubby and his mom viewing some pictures on the iPad.

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Nicole's Visions said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. Thank you for the card. we are late sending ours out this year so we thought we'd opt for New Year cards. Here's hoping we all have a safe, loving & prosperous 2011 !! I know one thing for sure on our end... if we move, it wont be further than across town! Love ya!


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