5 Random Things About Me

{1} I am overly sensitive, often misunderstood and sometimes feel like Edward Scissorhands.

{2} I like to sleep in a cold room with a cold pillow, but be comfortable and warm under the covers.

{3} I love giving gifts! I like getting them too, but I might actually love giving them even more. :)

{4} I love Vancouver, British Columbia.

{5} I have seen 6 Cirque Du Soleil shows live, but I have never seen my favorite, Quidam, live. I just found out that the Quidam show is touring and will be in Vancouver in March. I think it might be time to start planning a vacation.


Holly said...

You forgot #6 - you're my doppelganger! I love all those things too and PLEASE let me know if you're going to plan a trip to Vancouver - we could possible meet up!

The Spotted Olive said...

:D I will definitely let you know, Holly! Would be fun to meet up. We really love Vancouver.


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