The Coolness of Nouvelle Vague

One of the many bands I love is Nouvelle Vague. The name Nouvelle Vague means "new wave" in French. This incredibly creative collective of musicians does amazingly cool covers of punk, post punk and new wave songs in a bossa nova style. This combination shouldn't work, but it so does and very well I might add. Having a love of old school punk and new wave music, I absolutely adore the slick arrangements this band does of some of my all time favorite tunes! We got the chance to seem them in concert back in February and they were incredible. If you ever get the chance to see them live, I highly recommend it. And I most definitely recommend get all their albums.

Below is a video of their performance from the show we attended at The Bluebird in Denver on February 1, 2010 doing a cover of XTC's (one of my all time favorite bands) "Making Plans For Nigel."

Such different versions of the song and I absolutely love them both.

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