Vegan Cupcakes! YUM!

So I have been working a lot lately and today I decided that I would take a little break and make some tasty vegan cupcakes!! I made "Your Basic Chocolate Cupcake" with "Chocolate Buttercream Frosting" from the fabulous recipe book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. This book seriously has some great dairy-free recipes for cupcakes that rule. Everything I have made has been really tasty and I'm not a good cook!

I followed both recipes and then added my own creative twist! I added organic coconut shavings to the cupcake batter and lemon extract to the frosting. And oh boy, what a yummy combination. :)

Ok, now that I've had my cupcake fix it's back to work! I've got lots of designs sketched out that I need to get created. :)

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