Love This! Photos of The B-52's from 1980.

I am a huge fan of old school B-52's. I absolutely LOVED their albums The B-52's and Wild Planet. While other little girls wanted to be Madonna, I wanted to be Kate Pierson. I absolutely loved her and still do. Kate & Cindy always had such a great retro style and vibe. A group of us would often have B-52's parties where we would dress up and dance all night to their songs! It was a blast.

The other day while checking the latest on Facebook, my eye caught some amazing photos as I checked them out I discovered they were posted to The B-52's fan page by Keith Strickland! They were pictures he had taken in Nassau Bahamas in 1980 while the group was recording the album Wild Planet. I totally love these pictures. They have such a cool retro look (well they are retro now!).

Thank you Fred, Kate, Cindy, Ricky (RIP) and Keith for all the wonderful and fun memories I have with your music as the soundtrack! You were and still are a huge influence and a favorite.

Visit The B-52's official website and become a fan of The B-52's on Facebook!

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