Freelance Project: Book Design

One of my recent freelance graphic design projects was to redesign a book by a local photographer for the book's second printing. The book is called "A Guide To Colorado's Best Photography Locations" and as the name suggests, it features the best areas in Colorado for taking pictures.

The previous edition of the book was a bit dated, difficult to read, didn't showcase the photography and didn't have much of a "Colorado" feel to it—pastel headers, no full bleed or full page images, not much attention paid to typesetting, etc.

My goal in the redesign was to create something that was much easier to read as well as being visually appealing and showcasing the beautiful photography while maintaining a strong and consistent "Colorado" look. I choose an earthtone color palette with hues pulled from the photography, spent much time on typesetting and page layout as well as making as many of the images in the book full bleed and as large as possible without compromising the principles balance, good design and the ease of reading the information (and there was alot of information).

Above is a collection of photos of the final product. I am thrilled to say that the client was extremely pleased and has even received reports from the book distributor that people are really loving the new edition! I'm so happy to hear that kind of feedback!

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