Nice comments from a happy customer!

We are exstatic to have just received this super nice e-mail from Julie, one of our happy customers!

"Hi Debbie,
I can't tell you how much I LOVE your business cards! They have, I believe, gotten us some extra attention and new clients because EVERYBODY says we're UBER cool! I don't know if you're familiar with the national NPR radio show The Diane Rehm Show - but it's pretty big time. The people on that staff LOVE your design (I know because they think we have the coolest business cards in the book publicity business!).


Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know, Julie! You made our day!

To check out our selection of  hip and trendy professionally designed business cards, please stop by our shop, The Spotted Olive™.


MenagerieMayhem said...

It's always such a nice thing for customers to take the time to send a lovely note like that - most of the time you only hear from people when they're complaining about something, so it's extra wonderful to receive a gem like this!

And they are spot on - your business cards are awesome!!

oddFrogg said...

That's huge. I'm sure it made your day. By the way, your business cards are very cool indeed!

The Spotted Olive said...

Thank you both very much!

Brenda Boo said...

You totally deserve to get great customer emails daily!

The Spotted Olive said...

Thank you, Brenda Boo! :)


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