funky, cute & cool note cards

Bring back the art of the handwritten note with these fun and stylish note cards by The Spotted Olive™. Most designs available in a variety of color combinations and are easy to personalize with your information!

flat note cards
Trendy Chevron Pattern Personalized Flat Note Card invitation

Modern Spring Peony Personalized Flat Note Card invitation

Cute Giraffe Personalized Flat Note Card invitation

Trendy Zebra Chic Monogram 4.25x5.5 Flat Note Card invitation

Sexy Shoes :: 4.25x5.5 Personalized Flat Note Card invitation

folded note cards
Charming (Eggplant) Note Card card

Kawaii Cute & Tasty Cupcake Note Card card

Personalized Wild Zebra Stripes (Pink) Note Card card

Personalized Wild Zebra Note Card card

Funky Leopard Custom Personalized Card card

Retro Modern Dots-Pink Note Card card


5 Simple Things To Do To Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!

Earth Day is April 22 and the perfect time to start making those little changes in your lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly. We've compiled a list of five simple things that you can easily incorporate into your daily lives in order to go green and help save the Earth!

[1] Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth. Doing this will save almost 9 gallons of water each time your brush your teeth!

[2] Bring your own reusable bags whenever you go shopping. Eliminating plastic bags, will save over 14 million trees and cut the use of oil by 12 million barrels! TIP: Keep your reusable bags in the car, that way you will always have them when you go shopping. Another great idea is to buy a larger, really cute bag to hold all of your other reusable bags. That way you've got them all conveniently together.

[3] Ditch the bottled water and fill your bottle with filtered tap water. Each year Americans use over 50 BILLION plastic water bottles. The recycling rate for plastic in the United States is only about 23%. This means that over 38 BILLION plastic water bottles are wasted and end up in landfills each year and can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade. And remember, bottled water isn't necessarily cleaner or healthier for you so be responsible.

Check to see that your car tires are properly inflated. Proper air pressure results in better gas mileage and less fuel consumption results in less carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere.

[5] Purchase organic-cotton t-shirts. Next to corn, cotton is the second-most chemically sprayed crop in America.

useLESS Organic T-Shirt
by The Spotted Olive
The all-organic cotton classic t-shirt. 100% organic fine jersey cotton, combed for comfort. Flattering, stylish fit on virtually any body type. Made in the USA by American Apparel.

Go Green Orange Flower Tote Bag above by The Spotted Olive. Purchase for $17.99 here.


Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!

Cupcakes have become quite popular these days for more than just eating! You can find them on t-shirts, cards, stickers, mousepads, shoes and so much more! Below are some super kawaii cupcake merchandise finds.

Kawaii Cute & Tasty Cupcake T-Shirt shirt

Kawaii Cute & Tasty Cupcake Greeting Card card

The Evil Cupcake Mousepad mousepad

Kawai Pink Candy Cupcake Slip On kedsshoe

Kawaii Cupcake Cherry Candy shirt

Cuppy Cake Purple Kawaii sticker


Hip & Trendy Business Cards by The Spotted Olive™

Networking with people at business mixers, conferences, events and other social gatherings has become commonplace in modern day life. It is important to make a great first impression, but that doesn't always guarantee that you will be remembered. That's why it's important to give the people you meet something to take home with them that will leave a lasting impression-your business card!

A stylish business card not only provides people with your contact information, it also helps them to remember who you are! Business cards also give the people you meet the opportunity to check out your website, send you an e-mail or add you as a contact on one of the many social sites such as LinkedIn, MySpace or Facebook.

Urban Distress Business Card Template profilecard

i.d. Business Card
i.d. Business Card Template profilecard

Funky Leopard-Lime Template Business Card profilecard

Preppy Argyle Business Card Template profilecard

Brown Card Template profilecard

Choose a business card design that is professional yet reflects your personality and style or that of your company.

Visit The Spotted Olive's Hip Business Card Section for additional color choices in the designs featured in this blog as well as a variety of other great business card designs! A variety of paper choices are also available.


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