Do something good. Go Green.

Earth Day is April 22 and wouldn't it be great if everyone pledged to do something good for the planet? Here are some simple things you can do now:
  • Buy compact fluorescent lightbulbs. They cost more up front, but in the end save energy and last longer than standard incandescent lightbulbs.
  • Unplug small appliances like coffee makers, toasters, can openers, etc. when you are not using them. Even when not in use, the appliances use electricity.
  • After you charge your cell phone, unplug the charger. These items also draw electricity even when they are not plugged into your phone to charge it.
  • Start a compost pile. Instead of tossing coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit pits, vegetable peels and laundry lint in the trash, you can use them to create healthy compost for your garden. Please remember not to toss meat, fish or dairy products into your compost pile.
  • Bike, carpool, or take public transportation.
  • Take care of your vehicle. Be sure your tires are inflated properly for better gas mileage and get regular tuneups.
  • Eliminate plastic bags by using reusable canvas tote bags for your groceries and other shopping. Americans throw away over 100 billion (yes, 100 billion) plastic grocery bags every year. These items just end up clogging our already over burdened landfills, not to mention the massive amount of petroleum used to produce them.
  • Stop junk mail! Green Dimes (www.greendimes.com) is a great organization that helps reduce your junk mail and unwanted catalogs for a small fee. Plus, when you sign up, they plant 5 trees. When you choose what catalogs you want to stop, they'll plant an additional tree per catalog. This is a great program. I am a member and it has significantly reduced our junk mail. I'm so happy not to be getting 10 credit applications a day! Right now it's only $20 for an entire year. You can't beat it reduce junk mail and plant trees. Why wouldn't you do it?
  • Support renewable, clean energy like wind and solar power. By supporting these forms of energy, we can reduce our reliance on coal-burning power plants which happen to be the largest source of global warming pollution in the U.S.
  • Buy recycled products!
Please consider doing just one thing at the very least.Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone implemented something from this list before Earth Day? What a great way to show the planet that we all call home some much due respect.


Carly said...

Great post on Green Dimes

I wanted to give you a heads-up on another great Web site that I thought your readers would find interesting and help them de-clutter their mailboxes and simplify their lives.

Its called ProQuo.com, a free, easy-to-use site that gives you the ability to remove yourself from the most commonly used marketing lists in a matter of minutes!

Who knew that Americans receive nearly four million tons of junk mail each year and the average consumer can be on thousands of marketing mailing lists at any time? We are flooded with unwanted advertisements, credit card offers and political propaganda, which can bury the mail we are looking for…not to mention create a drain on the environment.

Take care,
Carly VanDyke

Sanjiv said...

GreenDimes here,

Thanks for the mention. We appreciate it. Check out reusablebags.com. They have this plastic bag impact counter that'll blow your mind.


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